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GASCARD offers the best, most comprehensive fleet fuel management program available—rigorous controls, truck-friendly sites, commercial fuels, real-time reports, custom configured or universal site coverage, and RFID [Radio Frequency Identification].

  • Real-time transaction reporting at GASCARD-network sites and retail
  • Radio-frequency identification (RFID) feature eliminates unauthorized use at RFID enabled locations and speeds up the entire fueling process.
  • Many new, truck-friendly, well-maintained sites
  • High-volume diesel fuel
  • Off-road diesel fuel
  • Propane for commercial use (hot oilers, steamers, etc.)
  • Online web access to view and manage account—monitor card activity and/or drivers, add or cancel cards, change card parameters, etc.
  • Numerous easy-to-use report options, downloadable in various formats
  • Card controls limit gallons and fuel types
  • Driver identified by PIN
  • Time-of-day and day-of-the-week restrictions
  • Specify GASCARD network sites where a card may be used
  • Different levels of web access with password protection
  • Optional odometer prompt supplies miles per gallon data
  • Pay-at-the-pump convenience at retail sites
  • Acceptance in all 50 states at over 230,000 Voyager fuel merchants
  • Pay-at-the-pump convenience at retail sites

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  • Real-time reporting
  • RFID cardless & secure
  • Online management
  • High volume discounts
  • Control and cut costs!
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